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Getting to Know Your Friends & Neighbors on Township

Township Friends

While creating community buildings and factories seem exciting, the latter stages of town-building and the overall grind gets too cumbersome. If you have reached this portion of the game and would like some help, you can get some assistance from your friends!

Get By with a Little Help From Your Friends

Adding friends in Township gives you the option to send and receive gifts or goods with one another. Gift Balloons reward you with various goodies that range from 300 coins, Township cash, and special tools for certain in-game events. Furthermore, the ability to send and receive goods from your friends’ towns is essential, especially if you are looking to complete an achievement and you are lacking some of the necessary goods to meet the criteria.




You can call on your friends to help send you some essential goods or help you level up that one factory or community building. Likewise, you can also lend a helping hand to your friends who need specific goods to help them reach their desired quota. Similar to actual towns and cities, you and your friends can help each others’ towns and economies thrive! It’s the very essence of community building.

Using Trains, Planes & Ships

Once you have created enough community structures, you will eventually have the option to create a train station. A train station is essential for your town’s economy since it allows you to ship goods from your farms and factories to friends and nearby towns. You can purchase and build a train station once you reach level 5. Using trains, you can send valuable goods to your friends for a tidy profit.

Eventually, your transportation options will also expand to helicopters and planes. These aircraft allow you to ship out even more of your town’s goods and products faster, unlike trains which usually take some time to reach another town.




Helicopters and planes are faster, and they can ship different types of goods. Similar to trains, these aircraft have orders that need to be tended to. Once you have filled up the necessary items, you can send the goods right away to get more prizes. As for ships, you need to acquire a field that is near a body of water. Once you get to level 29, the shipyard will be available for you. The ships can go to islands and let you send and receive special goods like island-based fruits and exotic treasures.

However, in order to get these goods, you have to invest in ingots with the ship captain. The rarer the ingot, the higher the chances you’ll get to acquire rarer goods once the ships come back! Whether by land, water, or air, Township offers you different options to let your town send and receive much-needed goods that can help further improve the economy. How you manage these transportation options is all up to you!