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Township Farm Fields: All About the Basics

Township All Basics


When you first start your Township game, you are given six fields. You will have to make use of these plots of land by planting crops and harvesting them to sell to the market. Doing this will earn you some income (coins) which you can save up to create more buildings later on.

You also have to keep in mind that once you have access to create community buildings, you have to build them as soon as you can since community buildings increase your town’s population capacity. An example of this is the City Hall. This building can already be unlocked at level 6. As much as possible, try to build this one withou delay. The City Hall helps keep record of your achievements and progress, and it is so much easier to manage your town with one in it.

Furthermore, you have to constantly build houses so that your town’s population would increase. Don’t worry, you will earn additional fields once your town reaches a certain population capacity. In other words, expansion is a must!

Maximizing Field Usage

The maximum number of fields you can have in your town is 124. This can be attained by having more people living in your town. That said, attracting swaths of people to live in your town is easier said than done. If you have too many houses, your town might struggle to rake in income.

Conversely, if you have too much farmland and factories but have little housing, your factories might not have enough manpower to generate goods. This is why you should strike a balance between the number of houses and income-generating buildings you have to ensure that your town’s economy will run smoothly.


Township Farm Fields


When it comes to which community structures and factories are the best, it all boils down to your preference. Specializing in certain goods is beneficial since other players would interact with you to get your goods.

You can also try reaching the Endless Fields and Record Harvest achievements. The Endless Fields rewards you with early money and experience. The Record Harvest is attained by harvesting a high number of crops within a certain time. The rewards for getting the Record Harvest achievement are also in-game currency and experience points.

If you want to have other sources of income, you can opt to build different factories that create new types of goods for your town. If you choose this route, you need to constantly invest on factory improvement so they could be more productive.