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Welcome to Township game online that simulates city-building, farming and time management! Explore a rich world where you get to run the town as Mayor, improving the livelihood of your citizens and create a lucrative economy to get you and your businessmen rich! In this game, everybody wins!

Now is your chance to play the Township game for PC! All you have to do is download the game on this page, complete the installation and play the game directly on your desktop! No emulator needed.

From Simple Farm to Lively Town

The game will start you off with a farm to fill. From there, you will need to gather resources and sell them to buyers around town. Don’t worry about who’s who, because the town is filled with lovable people that want to help you out. Sell your crops to the local supermarket, promote your freshest eggs and milk to the baker and convince neighboring towns to buy from you! Resources such as various crops, eggs, milk, honey, and truffles get shipped via multiple vehicles from land, sea and air. It’s easy to learn the mechanics and before you know it, your town is already sprawling! Learn more about the basics to start earning.

Township Game Online Easy Mechanics & Economics

Most city-building and farming games have complex systems that simulate real-life corporate jargon: income, revenue, tax revenue, profit, monthly costs, profit margin – you know what I mean. Most players – especially those who are not willing to sink in a significant amount of time into the game – feel intimidated as if it feels more like a business project rather than a relaxing game.

However, Township game online addresses that problem. While it does have its share of business jargon, Township simplifies all those into easy-to-learn mechanics. This is why there are more than 6 million players worldwide. Delivering resources, counting your stockpile, extracting materials, all these done in a way that feels very casual but never feels like an idle game. Township is still a farming and city-building game at its core.

Customize Your Town

Of course, you get to design your own small municipality with the help of Austin the butler – yes, the same Austin from Homescapes. Place your buildings wherever you want, however you want. You’re the boss and nobody can stop you – except for the mountains that block your path. Every player has his or her own Township design so make sure yours stand-out too!

Furthermore, you can even include famous landmarks from real-life locations such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, and the Pyramids! Keep working on your business and see your town create its own economy! Every business will bloom and citizens will happily serve under you. Also, you can unlock limited-edition buildings through events! They’re not required but earning them and have them in your town feels very unique.

Township Game Online Multiple Fun Quests

The more citizens you have, the more quests you can accept. Quests come in all shapes and sizes: collecting enough wool for a clothes shop, earn 10,000 gold, build new farms, that kind of stuff. Trust me, they are more fun than they sound. Plus, the incentives are great; they don’t feel like bogged-down compensation like what you get in any EA Games simulator (I’m looking at you, SimCity). All the while, you can use these rewards to further improve your buildings and expand the town.

Upgradeable Buildings

Initially, your resource buildings will take some time before you can collect them. With enough grind, you can upgrade these buildings for faster processing, saving time and money.

No Paywall + Minimal Microtransactions

Township does not exclude buildings or any upgrades behind a paywall. In other words, you can play the game entirely without paying – because the game handsomely rewards you for your hard work. The only time Township does have microtransactions is through its premium currency but you will never feel obligated to buy them at all.

If my mother became a Township pro and got to Level 120 and grew the town on her own without ever paying a cent, then I assure you that the game is not pay to win at all.

Mini-Games Galore

Personally, I absolutely love the mini-games in Township game online and I am sure you will too. In fact, there are a lot of them! Restaurant-style time management, skiing, endless runners, memory match, match-3, airplane piloting, and so many more!

Participate in Events in Township Game Online

Township is alive with events that rotate every year alongside new ones. Have lots of fun and rewards from limited-time game modes including the mini-games mentioned above. But, you better make the most out of them because they only appear once every year!

Meet New Friends and Visit Their Towns

If your account is connected to Facebook, you can meet your fellow players’ towns, too! Take a stroll down their gardens and parks and get rewarded for doing so! Besides visiting, you can even chat with each other through its small community hub.

Game Features

  • Easy city-building system
  • Great farming gameplay
  • Wonderful cartoony graphics and sounds
  • Lots of quests and mini-games
  • Memorable characters and limited-time events

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Check out these game screenshots.

Township Screenshot
Township Screenshot

Play Township Game Online on PC Free – Building Game